3 Places To Visit In Europe That Have Snow

Europe during winter
Europe during winter

If you travel into Europe during the winter, and you want to see some of the best landscapes that are created because of the snow, there are a couple of places you should see when you arrive. It is recommended that you plan your trip so that you are not in the midst of a snowstorm, which means you should see a couple of weeks just to make sure you can get a break in the weather. Here are three of the best places in Europe to visit that have snow that is absolutely iconic when you visit.

The Swiss Alps In Lucerne

Of all of the places that you can visit in Switzerland in order to see the Swiss Alps, Lucerne is the best place to visit. It is a small town, nestled in the midst of some of the most iconic mountain ranges that you will ever see. It is recommended that you book a room in Lucerne for at least three or four days. This will give you time to experience the countryside, people, and the beautiful mountain ranges that are in the background.


Abisko In Sweden

Another place that you should visit is the country of Sweden. There is a place called Abisko that is only designed for people that enjoy extremely cold winters. Part of the reason that you visit is not the mountains, but the landscape of the mountains providing a backdrop for the aurora borealis. You will seldom find a place that is so crystal clear at night, and during a solar storm, it can provide entertainment that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world that has this magical beauty with a landscape of snow.

If you haven’t been to Sweden or Switzerland before, these are the best places to visit if you are going to find a place with snow that is dazzling. Book your trip and spend a few weeks going to these countries and experience why so many people return to them when it is snowing. Don’t forget to like and share us if you found this article helpful. Send us your inquiries or comments on our contact us page.